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“Personal connection is what unites us and grounds us in who we are — it inspires vulnerability, compassion, empathy, kindness, and love.”

Andrea Rosenzweig is on a mission to help others discover the “Power of Connection.” Over the last five years, she’s been rallying her community to make a difference in the lives of others and has discovered that we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

It all started with a 24-day challenge during the month of December in 2016. Every year, Andrea purchases 24 pieces of socially conscious jewelry that are handmade in Kenya and gives them to random strangers every day leading up to Christmas with the goal of making a meaningful connection with someone new. It has since rippled into a larger movement, one that calls on people to make a positive impact by doing acts of good and connecting with others.

The Power of Connection Project

Over the last few years, the Power of Connection Project has sold over 900 nonprofit bracelets, raising over $12,000 for women in Kenya. The project has grown from selling jewelry to making wishes come true for those in need. During the annual 24-day challenge, they choose one person every day and pose the question: “What do you need most right now?” People across the country have contributed by ordering things on Amazon, donating supplies from their garages, cooking homemade meals, donating funds, and much, much more. These connections and acts of kindness ground us in who we are, while also creating a powerful ripple effect impacting communities across the globe.

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Empowering Women in Kenya

For every bracelet sold, 100% of the proceeds are donated to fund education costs for at-risk girls in the Kenyan village of Enosaeen. The Masaaii grandmothers and mothers make the bracelets in the hopes of sending their girls to school. After a life-changing trip there, Andrea chose this village as the Power of Connection project’s source for ethically made jewelry because, in Kenya, the government does not pay for girls to go to school beyond middle school. This project helps young women pursue their high school education and provides the opportunity for a bright future. Bracelets are available for purchase here.

The Book


The Power of Connection Project

The Power of Connection Project: How one woman’s personal challenge restored her connection to herself, her family, her community, and sent girls in a remote village in Kenya to school.

Andrea Rosenzweig’s book is now available. It’s a collection of short stories based on the people involved in the Power of Connection Project over the years. Every book purchase will include a non-profit bracelet that was handmade in Kenya.

The Power of Connection project book

More about Andrea

Andrea lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband and four beautiful children. While Bend is where they call home, they are still southerners at heart, after living in Atlanta before moving to the west coast 16 years ago. Andrea and her husband Brian are small business owners, operating an orthodontics practice, and they love spending time with their family and community. In the winter, they can usually be found cheering their kids on at various activities or lounging at home by the fire. In the summer, you’ll find them at the pool, floating the river, or boating on Lake Billy Chinook.

Andrea was nominated for the Bend Chamber Woman of the Year, Community Hero Award in 2020 for her work with the Power of Connection project.

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